Posted by: southcentralsec | August 31, 2009

Grace Alone Lutheran Church

Check out the newest site of Gospel proclamation in the District — Grace Alone Lutheran Church — an effort being made by our brothers and sisters at Immanuel, North Richland Hills, TX.

Allow me to share a note from Pastor Brian Doebler:

“Rejoice in the Grace of our God.  In Jesus Christ he has richly blessed us with the forgiveness of sins in the gospel to believe and to share.

“Immanuel Lutheran Church in North Richland Hills is striving to ‘plant’ a new congregation gathered around the gospel in the Alliance Airport area north of Fort Worth.  It is a rapidly growing area.  The opportunities for evangelism are great.  The name of the church is Grace Alone Lutheran Church (  Because of some preliminary work, Immanuel is looking for ways to more fully address the mission field there.  With some funding, they would be in position to extend a call to a missionary to work the field.  Please keep the gospel work there in your prayers.”

Keep this new effort in your prayers!


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