Posted by: southcentralsec | September 17, 2010

MLS Pres. Frey Resigns

The President of Michigan Lutheran Seminary, Pastor Aaron Frey, announced the resignation of his divine call this morning in chapel at MLS.  Pres. Frey was installed into office in February 2010.  Below is a letter from Vice President, Prof. William Zeiger.

Please keep Aaron, his  family, and MLS in your prayers.

Dear Friends of Michigan Lutheran Seminary,
Yesterday, Pres. Aaron Frey informed our MLS Governing Board Chairman, Pastor George Ferch, and me that he was resigning his call as president of Michigan Lutheran Seminary for the good of the ministry.
This news was announced to our student body and faculty following our chapel service this morning by Pastor John Seifert, the president of our Michigan District.  Pastor Seifert is an advisory member of our governing board.
While this resignation is unexpected, we are already making the necessary adjustments to our school’s program.  Pastor Ferch will be calling each of the governing board members today to inform them of the news.  The board meets in New Ulm, Minnesota, next week Friday.  At that meeting the board will appoint an acting president and begin the calling process to fill the vacancy in the president’s office.
Pres. Frey’s teaching assignment of Doctrine 12 will be taken over by Instructor Andrew Naumann, who taught the course last year following Pres. Prange’s departure.  We will have to make some other small adjustments to the academic schedule to accommodate this change, but they will be insignificant.
Vacancies in ministry can be unsettling.  At the same time MLS has had experience in its recent history of continuing its important ministry very well in times of vacancy in the administration, faculty, and staff of our school.  The Lord has blessed MLS with capable men and women who will pick up the work that needs to be done and to do it well.  They have done it in the past, and they will meet this new challenge with the same ability and service now.  They will do it as they serve our students, our special ministry at MLS, and their Lord and Savior.
I encourage you to keep the needs of MLS in your prayers, as well as Pastor Frey and his family as they face changes in their life.
In our Savior’s service,
William Zeiger, Ph.D.
Vice President

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