Posted by: southcentralsec | June 8, 2011

Hebrew Review in Houston

From Pastor Nate Buege, our district’s adult discipleship coordinator:

“Basic Hebrew Review continuing education class on Thur/Fri, August 4/5. at Abiding Word, Houston.  Thursday the schedule is 9-4; Friday the schedule 8-3.  Prof.Paustian is the instructor.  The class starts with the ABCs and ends with Bible translation.  Cost = somewhere between $50-75.  That’s a bargain, folks!  If you took the class at MLC it would be a whole bunch more.

“To register – contact Mark Tiefel at or 262-224-5744.  Mark T is the contact man and the host for the class.  He also hopes for some Gemutlichkeit at his house within walking distance of the class, as long as we don’t wake the baby…

“Here’s a link to the brochure for the MLC version:

“I am going to be there and I am excited for the chance to brush up on the Hebrew.  I hope many of you will be there to help me brush up.  It’s too large a task for Paustian to handle alone!  God bless you this summer as you hold out the word of life to many.  God-willing, I’ll see many of you at AW in August, if not sooner.”

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