Posted by: southcentralsec | May 22, 2013

Disaster Relief for Tornado Victims

Dear Saints in the South Central District,

With our puny hearts we cannot ever fully understand the wisdom of God in the suffering he allows from natural disasters. We can see what history is, but we depend on Scripture to teach us what history means.  In the book of Revelation, God reveals that until the end of time we will endure the sufferings and death that the fall brought upon this planet.  The vale of tears will continue right up to the very end.  Each time disaster strikes, it reminds us that our kingdom is not of this world but is from another place.  In that place Jesus is preparing a table for all of us.  This world is passing away.  How much more ardently then should we preach the unconditional gospel and eternal rescue in these days when tornadoes are tearing through neighborhoods.
This is also a time for us to show our love for the hurting by helping them recover from the loss. In Oklahoma, we had 3 WELS families that lost their homes. You could help them by contacting John Strackbein or Craig Born.  If you wish to get involved in relief efforts in either Granbury, Texas or Moore, Oklahoma, you can call our Mark Vance, at our WELS Committee on Relief at 414-256-3888.  He will be visiting both communities to assess needs and provide help.
Or send a donation to: WELS Committee on Relief
                                 2929 N. Mayfair Rd.
                                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53222
You can also find out more information on our http://www.wels,net website.
Finally, do not underestimate how praying for the all the victims enjoins God to keep his promises to bring aid to the side of those who are suffering. He loves to hear our prayers and respond by showing his mighty love and help.
In His Peace,
Pastor Don Patterson

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