Posted by: southcentralsec | May 9, 2014

2014 South Central District Convention

Registration is now open for the 2014 Convention of the South Central District. See below for information and links.

What: 2014 SC District Convention

When:  June 910, 2014

Where: Calvary Lutheran Church, Dallas, TX

Agenda: Convention Agenda

Floor Committees: District Convention Floor Committees

Registration: All pastors, male teachers, staff ministers, vicars, congregational delegates, guests, visitors, are asked to register using this link:

Included in the registration link is information about hotel options, airport pick ups/drop offs, and meal costs. Please note that there is no “blocked” set of rooms at any one hotel. Rather, choose the hotel that fits your price and preference.

Additional Resources:
  • Lay Delegate Certification: Every congregation from the South Central District is asked to provide a delegate to the convention who can serve on floor committees and vote on District business. The Lay Delegate Certification form can be downloaded here.
  • Convention Handbook: A handbook that helps explain the processes and procedures of the Convention can be found here.

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