Posted by: southcentralsec | July 15, 2016

School Of Outreach Invitation – September 24th @ Our Savior, San Antonio, TX

To encourage congregations for evangelism/outreach work in our South Central District, a School of Outreach will be held on September 24, 2016 from 9am – 3pm at Our Savior Lutheran Church in San Antonio.  Your congregation is invited to attend!  Information, schedule, and registration can be located in the attached document.  The School of Outreach is a six hour workshop that assists pastors and leaders in carrying out outreach/evangelism activity from their local congregations.  It’s fun, encouraging, and worth any congregation’s time and participation.  Please consider how you and your leaders might plan to say “yes” to this exciting School of Outreach.  Please note that the registration deadline is August 15th (one month away).  It’s been some time since our District has been served by a School of Outreach.  So, this is a great opportunity/event for every congregation in our District!  While this specific School of Outreach is being held in the San Antonio/Austin region of the SCD, it is open to any congregation that would like to participate!  May the Lord direct you and your leaders to attend.

General Information and Registration Form San Antonio TX (.doc)

General Information and Registration Form San Antonio TX (.pdf)


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