District Presidium

  • Pastor Don Patterson, President
  • Pastor John Vieths, First Vice-President
  • Pastor John Hering, Second Vice-President
  • Pastor Caleb Schoeneck, Secretary

District Secretary E-mail: scconfsec@gmail.com

Pastors Conference

  • Pastor Caleb Schoeneck, Chairman
  • Pastor Nathan Biebert, Secretary

Teachers Conference

  • Teacher Andy Van Weele, President

Synodical Council Representative

  • Mr. Brad Johnston

Circuit Pastors

  • Pastor Paul Seager, DFW
  • Pastor John Strackbein, Oklahoma
  • Pastor Chuck Huebner, Arkansas
  • Pastor Nate Buege, Gulf
  • Pastor Daron Lindemann, Capitol
  • Pastor David Schneider, Alamo

District Mission Board – Pastor Nate Sutton, Chairman

District Relief Committee – Pastor Matt Brown & Pastor Caleb Schoeneck

For a complete list of District positions and leadership, please CLICK HERE, and look under the heading: “South Central District.”

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